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Bill Cates $BILLCATES Solana Meme Coin

Bill Cates $BILLCATES ||100X Meme Coin

  •  April 1, 2024  •   

Bill Cates (Symbol: $BILLCATES), the latest meme coin to hit the Solana Blockchain is gathering steam quickly.

The coin launched just yesterday and has already had $4.4 Million in volume with a market cap of $317K.

The coin has a strong team, and the Telegram is lively and full of plenty of crank memes.

Watch the video below for a brief introduction.

Join the Telegram and get on board, now is the right time to get in on the momentum in this exciting new meme coin.

Website: https://billcates.lol/

Max K. Montague, Meme Coin Trader
  A Crypto Trader, Miner and Investor with 11+ years experience trading stocks, forex, crypto and meme coins. My hobbies are helping others make money online as fast as possible while managing risk tolerance.

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