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How to Find Meme Coins Early… [10X]

  •  June 1, 2023  •     

This posts covers how to use dextools to find meme coins early, how much to put into a coin, some facts about new meme coins and how to do some basic research into a new meme coin.

If you don’t know what a meme coin is, read this post first: What are Meme Coins?

How to Find New Meme Coins on Dextools

Only the earliest get a moon bag on a memecoin, and here’s how. Notice how no one’s telling you to look at dextools and find the live new pairs.

New Pairs Dextools

Why aren’t people sharing this information more often? This section in dextools can be a secret weapon for meme coin trading. The Live New Pairs shows you coins that have just launched on uniswap, pancakeswap and other coin swap routers.

Why don’t people want you to know? Because you can buy tokens that have just come to market before they do. Whoever gets in first has a better chance at making a big return.

Some Risks of Buying New Meme Coins

Meme coin trading can be very risky, so let’s be careful, I’ll teach you why it’s dangerous.

Meme Coin Dumping

Ruggers make fake coins, bad contracts, and steal funds from the market. Don’t buy any coin with your main wallet. Don’t buy more than you can lose.

Many teams will steal and rug…

Criminal Meme

Why You Want to Buy Meme Coins Early

Let’s get back to the basics here. When you do the math, only the first early buyers can make real bags and get 10x, or even 100x returns.

400% gains on $100 is $400. You don’t want that. You want 1000%+ gains and more.

That’s where dextools new live pairs comes in.

400% Returns

How to Research a New Meme Coin

Once a new pair pops up and is filling up with trades, run… Run to Twitter and search for a community related to it.

Investigate them, see how many people are rallying, quick!

Look at the coins website. Its usually a bad sign if they don’t have one. Ask yourself: is this coin something that might get people’s attention? Does it look cheap, or like a scam?

Quick Due Diligence

How Much Money to Put in a New Meme Coin

We’re not investing $1000 on a new coin, unless of course, you are already somewhat of a whale.

If you buy $10,000 of any coin right away and that’s your strategy for the meme coin season, you have already lost.

You only want to put in small amounts, money that you can risk. Or an amount that won’t sink you.

In other words, don’t bet the farm.

Be smart, hold your money back. This is cash management, or portfolio allocation in professional money management terms.

Portfolio Allocation

What Percentage Should I Put Into a Meme Coin Position?

Anyone who’s saying they bought $PEPE right off the bat, were gambling. And if they were dropping $10k on every coin, they’d go broke, and can still go broke with that style Think about it, they won’t last for the long term. Look at the chart of $doge below.

Because so many rug, use statistics: a majority of coins will go to zero. Only a person spending what they can lose will win in the long term.

So how much should you put into a meme coin? The word is 10 – 20% of your bank. If you have 500 to work with, don’t put more than 50 – 100 in to any one meme coin.

That’s why you need to be super early, spread it out across multiple coins, and leverage something like dextools to get in as early as possible, assuming you believe the project has potential.

Statistics About Scams in the Meme Coin Market

How many meme coins are scams really? Don’t feel bad that you lost out on a coin run up, because you dodged all the scams! This is the fact: meme coins are very risky, volatile and hard to analyze.

The DeFi space is growing at an unprecedented rate, but there’s a dark side to this growth that needs to be addressed. In one day alone, we’ve seen some alarming scam numbers on the Binance chain. Take a look at the data…

Statistics about Scams in Meme Coins

There will be more coin run ups, be prepared, get knowledgeable! Learn to find and analyze new pairs quickly, before influencers buy them up and use us as exit liquidity later.

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Max K. Montague, Meme Coin Trader
  A Crypto Trader, Miner and Investor with 11+ years experience trading stocks, forex, crypto and meme coins. My hobbies are helping others make money online as fast as possible while managing risk tolerance.

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