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Moon Wif Pepe Next 100X Meme Coin

Moon WIF Pepe Next Solana Gem to 100X

  •  April 13, 2024  •   

MOON WIF PEPE is a new coin listed on Pump.fun that has enjoyed an excited start on the Solana blockchain. The token launched on Monday April 8, on the popular site pump.fun under the ticker symbol: MOONWIF.

In the first 8 hours, the MOONWIF marketcap rose from 5,000 to 41,000 USD as a result of promotion on youtube, twitter and through word of mouth.

A slight selloff occured and the token stabilized in a range around $12,000 USD marketcap.

The Moon Wif Pepe Token Description

The token’s description reads:

“We’ve flipped the script! Destination MOON… WIF PEPE Missed your chance to moon with Pepe on ETH…. Well here’s your chance to MoonwifPepe on Solana…. get ready to board that SpaceX rocket to the moon!!! **Team Buy & Vesting Period** When the Token is launched on Pump.Fun we will buy a total of 3 Solana. These tokens are reserved for team members however cannot be sold for a minimum period of 24hrs, followed by a weekly release schedule to team members over 4 weeks.”

The team is active and is based in Canada. Several videos have been published by the team through the Income Ninjas youtube channel.

Moon WIF Pepe Conducts a Live VC Call in the Telegram Chat

The Moon WIF Pepe team ran its first VC call in the Telegram chat group on Friday at 7 pm EST. The call got the community energized and gave team members a chance to introduce themselves and explain more of the details of what the project is about.

As a result of the call, new buyers start piling in and resulted in the coin passing the all time high on the chart later that night.

Moon WIF Pepe Chart

See the live chart on Pump . Fun for Moon WIF Pepe here.

Continued promotion and coverage of the coin has been going on on the Income Ninjas channel, including the video below.

Moon Wif Pepe Solana Gems

To learn how to buy the token, a tutorial video is also available.

How to Buy Moon Wif Pepe

For more details see the Moon Wif Pepe Twitter page or join the Moon Wif Pepe Telegram Group.

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