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What is a Meme?

What is a Meme? The DNA of Culture

  •  June 3, 2023  •   

In scientific terms, a meme refers to a cultural unit or an idea that is transmitted from one person to another through imitation or replication. The concept of memes originated from Richard Dawkins’ book “The Selfish Gene” in 1976, where he introduced the idea of memes as cultural analogues to genes.

Richard Dawkins meme

The Theory of Memes as “Cultural Genes”

According to the theory, memes can be seen as the cultural equivalent of genes, as they replicate and spread from person to person, influencing human behavior and cultural evolution. Memes can take various forms, such as ideas, behaviors, language, symbols, or even entire cultural practices.

Memes are characterized by their ability to replicate and adapt within a cultural environment, undergoing changes and mutations as they are transmitted. They can be subject to selection pressures, where certain memes are more likely to be retained and transmitted due to their attractiveness, usefulness, or other factors.

In this scientific context, the term “meme” is used to explain how cultural information spreads and evolves within human societies. It focuses on the transmission and replication of ideas, rather than its more contemporary usage on the internet, which typically refers to humorous or viral content shared online.

Caveman Meme

What Are Internet Memes?

A meme, in the context of internet culture, refers to a piece of content, often humorous or satirical, that spreads rapidly through social media platforms and online communities. It can take various forms, such as images, videos, catchphrases, or even entire concepts that are replicated and shared by users.

Memes have become a significant aspect of modern communication and serve as a way to express ideas, emotions, or cultural references in a concise and relatable manner.

4chan Memes

How are Memes Created?

The creation of memes can occur in several ways. Some memes are intentionally created by individuals who possess creative or comedic skills. They generate content that resonates with others, incorporating humor, irony, or relatability. These memes can be crafted using image editing software, video editing tools, or even through clever text-based captions.

Bud Light meme

What is a Spontaneous Meme?

On the other hand, memes can also emerge spontaneously as a result of collective creativity within online communities. A meme can originate from a single influential user who shares an original idea or piece of content that others find amusing or interesting.

As it spreads and gains popularity, variations and remixes of the meme start to appear as different individuals put their own spin on it. This collaborative and iterative process fuels the evolution and proliferation of memes.

For example, the Top 3 meme coins have resulted in a shit tonne of memes related to Pepe the Frog, and the shiba inu dog breed.

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The History of Internet Memes

The history of memes traces back to the early days of the internet. The term “meme” itself was coined by Richard Dawkins in his 1976 book “The Selfish Gene.” However, the concept of internet memes as we know them today started to emerge in the late 1990s and early 2000s with the rise of online forums and image-sharing platforms.

All Your Base meme

The Dancing Baby Meme

One of the earliest notable memes is the “Dancing Baby,” also called Baby Cha-cha, a 3D-rendered animation of a baby performing a cha-cha dance. It gained widespread popularity through email chains and eventually became a viral sensation. Since then, memes have evolved and diversified with the advent of image macros (such as “I Can Has Cheezburger?“), animated GIFs, and viral videos.

Dancing Baby Meme

Where are Memes Shared?

Platforms like 4chan, Reddit memes, and later social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter played a crucial role in the rapid dissemination and mainstream adoption of memes. Memes have become a universal language on the internet, transcending cultural boundaries and enabling people to engage in shared experiences and humor.

What is the Purpose of Memes?

Today, memes continue to evolve at a rapid pace, reflecting current events, internet trends, and pop culture references. They serve as a form of cultural commentary, satire, or simple entertainment, providing a way for people to connect, communicate, and participate in online communities.

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